Tyrone's Story

My name is Tyrone Riley and I am 51 years old. In 2005 I ran into a relative who I hadn't seen for quite awhile and, unlike me, he was sober. He told me about how the Mission helped him and if I wanted too, to check it out. After months of getting deeper into the street life, I agreed to accept residential treatment for my addiction problem.

Through the grace of God, the help of the Mission, and some hard work, I started on my path to sobriety and accepted responsibility. As part of the program at the Mission, I was in charge of housekeeping and through that work I was put in contact with a local company for a job. I am still employed there plus I have taken on another part time job – and I look at my work as part of giving back. By 2008 I had saved enough money and was secure enough to move out of the Mission.

This past winter my housing became very problematic, and even threatened my sobriety – my whole world. But I was trapped with no money to pay bills and still trying to find a place to live. Then a light came upon me and a thought, "I'll go home." And so, for 3 months I returned to the Mission, worked on strengthening my sobriety, and taking care of my finances. As of today, I am still maintaining 2 jobs, my finances are better, my sobriety is sound, and I am living day by day thanking the Mission for truly saving my life.

A family of support can come in many shapes. Without a brief respite, his world could have fallen apart, back into dependency.

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