Mission resident Wayne Frascella hopes to form positive relationship with son

Mission resident Wayne Frascella hopes to form positive relationship with son

Wednesday, December 08, 2010 SPECIAL TO THE TIMES

On Nov. 27, a Times Holiday Appeal story chronicled the progress that Wayne Frascella has made in rebuilding his life while at the Rescue Mission of Trenton. The story told of Frascella moving to Florida, getting married, having a child, becoming addicted to heroin, getting a divorce, moving back to Trenton and turning his life around while at the Rescue Mission. The story said nothing about Frascella's son from his first marriage, as he had had no contact with him for many years.

As a result of the Times story, that has changed. Frascella's former wife, who was visiting her sister in Trenton, was contacted by a friend who works at the Mercer County Board of Social Services who had seen Frascella's story in The Times. Knowing that her son, Wayne Jr., had been looking for his father for a number of years, she called him and he called his father at the mission.

"The call was terrific. We had a wonderful conversation," said Frascella. "I found out that my son and his wife had been looking for me for a number of years and had no idea I had been at the mission for the past five-plus years. In fact, a few years ago they drove around the streets of Trenton looking for me since they thought I was homeless," he said.

Frascella's son, who is now 28, lives in Florida with his wife and three children. He is employed as a forklift operator. Since their initial conversation, they have spoken by phone on a number of occasions, exchanged photos, and they have talked about meeting sometime down the road.

"I'm in a much better place now than I have been in more than a decade," said Frascella. "I'm looking forward to developing a positive relationship with my son and hopefully being there for him, to the extent possible, in the future. I'm really happy that The Times story reunited us."

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