Hutchinson Industries match pushes Times Appeal past $50,000

Hutchinson Industries match pushes Times Appeal past $50,000

When this year's Times Holiday Appeal launched on Nov. 21, Hutchinson Industries of Trenton pledged to match the first $25,000 raised by the community, challenging people to be generous this holiday season.

The Times readers, local companies and foundations responded, and $28,419 has been raised to benefit the Rescue Mission of Trenton. This brings this year's Appeal total to $53,419 with Hutchinson Industries' match.

"There is really no way to say thank you to Hutchinson Industries for their financial support over many years and the way in which they have responded to The Times Appeal," said Mary Gay Abbott-Young, CEO of Rescue Mission of Trenton. "The challenge grant is exactly what they always do for the Mission – challenge us to move forward and provide the most comprehensive services possible to those in need."

"The donations to date in response to this appeal are very much appreciated," added Abbott-Young. "We are particularly grateful to Wilmington Trust, the Geltzer Family Foundation and Szaferman, Lakind, Blumstein and Blader for their participation in helping us meet this challenge."

"We were particularly proud to see that so many from our alumni association contributed and were quoted in the paper. Each member represents a personal struggle to achieve a life rebuilt and in so many cases a family restored.

"At a time when so many are in a very difficult financial position and the problems seem to overrun us, thank you to The Times for allowing this wonderful giving community an outlet to say we believe in the humanity of every single person."

The Geltzer Family Foundation of Skillman sent a gift of $5,000 with a note from trustees David R. Geltzer and Leslee V. Geltzer, "The Geltzer Family Foundation is proud to be a partner with the Rescue Mission of Trenton, and support you in your mission to rebuild lives in the community."

Szaferman, Lakind, Blumstein & Blader of Lawrence sent a donation of $2,500.

Edith M. Wilkinson of Ewing sent $250 and Chris and Denise Pratico of Princeton gave $200.

Sending gifts of $100 each were Conrad and Janet D'Alessandro of Skillman, Scott Pollack of Lawrence, Barbara Westergaard of Princeton, David and Carolyn Hoeschele of Skillman, Mr. and Mrs. William V. Godley of Ringoes, and Mary "Pete" Bixby of Lawrence with a note, "My late husband always considered Furnie Gaines as a good friend and fellow Trenton Rotarian. Please accept this in his memory."

Donations of $50 each were received from Denise and Jim Gramigna of Hamilton with a note, "In loving memory of Jimmy Gramigna"; J.L. Fleming of Lawrence; Hal Roth of Richboro, Pa.; Nancy Cahill of Langhorne, Pa.; and Elizabeth Stark of Bordentown, "In memory of Furnie Gaines."

Ellen McCourt of Hamilton sent $40 and Kai Tillman of Hamilton, $30.

Sending $25 each were Keith and Janet Zimmerly of Mercerville, Denis Michel of Lawrence, Nancy Bainbridge of Robbinsville, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry DePew of Hamilton, Alice Haines of Ewing, Elizabeth Pietrinferno of Hamilton, and Joanne Pascucci of Yardville with a note, "In memory of Kenneth Kuebler."

Jan Stokes of Trenton sent $20 with a note, "About six years ago my life was such a horrible mess that I didn't want to live anymore and I had given up any chance of hope. I truly believe that God sent Mary Gay and the Vince's Place program into my life to restore what I believed was dead. What was torn down is now built back up, and what didn't feel loved is now felt with love immeasurable. Today the tears I cry are tears of joy and happiness."

Adam Young of Trenton sent $10; Kenneth Lear of Browns Mills, $5; and Brian Turner of Trenton, $5 with a note, "The people at the mission believed in me, even when I didn't believe in myself. Thank you Mary Gay and Barrett Young - I owe you my life."

William Spears of Trenton also sent $5 with a note, "I just want to say how important the mission has been to me. I was homeless, helpless, penniless and tired of using drugs. There was no where I could go. But there came Mary Gay and the mission. I spend two years and my life has taken a 360 from then. I am no longer any of the above. God bless Mary Gay and the mission."

Anonymous donations include $200 from Ewing with a note, "In memory of Furnie Gaines, a true mench, who made Trenton a better place to work and live"; $100 from Skillman; $100 from Princeton; $100 from Trenton with a note, "Please acknowledge Melanie, Rebecca, Melissa and Amanda"; $50 from Yardville; $35 from Hamilton; $25 from Lawrence; $20 from Trenton; and $20 from Lawrence.

        To make a donation in support of the Rescue Mission of Trenton, please make your check payable to The Times Holiday Appeal and mail it to Times Charities Inc., P.O. Box 416045, Boston, MA 02241-6045.

   Donations to The Times Holiday Appeal will go directly to the designated nonprofit organization without the deduction of overhead expenses.

     All gifts will be acknowledged in The Times. Anonymity will be granted if requested.

   For more information about the Rescue Mission of Trenton, call (609) 695-1436 ext. 102 or go to

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