Mission's HAR program helps man turn life around

Mission's HAR program helps man turn life around

The Times:Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tyrone Riley, who had grappled with alcohol addiction for years, entered the mission's Homeless Assessment and Referral (HAR) program in late 2005 at the suggestion of a relative who had dealt with his addiction problem with the help of the mission.

The HAR program offers extended, supportive housing to adult, single men who are experiencing homelessness and are in need of assistance in obtaining a variety of social services and benefits in addition to living accommodations.

Despite having lived in the area for quite some time, Riley never realized the number of homeless people or the number of services provided at the mission.

"If I knew of all the mission's services, I'd have come sooner, because at times I had been homeless," he said.

After lots of hard work and effort, Riley left the mission in 2008 armed with a job at a company he had worked for part time while at the mission.

Last winter things began to unravel when a housing problem arose.

Riley saw his sobriety -- his whole world -- threatened.

He felt trapped and desperate.

He decided to "go home."

He returned to the mission and worked for a few months on strengthening his sobriety and rebuilding his finances.

Today he is on his own, working two jobs and maintaining his sobriety.

The staff and volunteers at the Rescue Mission of Trenton know that overcoming the disease of addiction is very difficult.

That is why they have adhered over the years to the policy of providing multiple opportunities, if space is available, to individuals to overcome the disease of addiction.

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