Lab on Wheels Comes To the Mission

Mission employees and residents participating in the Mission's Job Readiness Program will be receiving extensive training over the next several months from The Center for Training and Development (CTD) Mercer County Community College. Funding for the training program came from a grant from the New Jersey Department of Labor Workforce Development Grant.

The CTD recently entered into a contract with the African American Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey (AACCNJ) to provide training designed to upgrade current and new employee with skills for today's rapidly changing workplace environment John Harmon, President/CEO of AACCNJ, reached out to the Mission to ascertain whether this kind of job-readiness training would be helpful to our residents seeking to enter the workforce or to Mission employees seeking to upgrade their employment skills. The answer was a resounding yes. According to Harmon "the AACCNJ is committed to leveraging public and private sector resources to increase the competitiveness of employers in New Jersey while strengthening their workforce." "Moreover, there are still resources available through the state of New Jersey to improve the sustainability of Trenton businesses even in these tough economic times," said Harmon.

On July 28th the CTC mobile training bus provided training to Mission residents and employees on Outlook/Email.There are 4 additional classes scheduled from August to November.The classes will cover Microsoft Word and Excel and two courses will provide a 3-day training session on written and verbal communications.

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